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Warriors Unmasked

Oct 4, 2022

Nature, frequency, vibrations, and sound… 

These four things may be mistaken for some sort of “new age” list of buzzwords, but the truth is these four things are actually healing experiences humans have used since the dawn of time. 

Some say they are even essential to grounding your life, increasing your well-being, and living an overall more fulfilled life. You may be thinking It sounds too simple to be true and so powerful…at one point in my life, I would have agreed with you. 

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Chuck here, and I invite you to hit play to meet Joshua Sam Miller! Joshua has profound knowledge and personal experiences with the healing powers of nature and sound that I think everyone should hear. 

Joshua is a multidisciplinary artist, conservationist, creator of Embodied Sound, podcaster, surfer and scuba diver, and mental health advocate. During our conversation you’ll hear Joshua take a deep dive into his journey from growing up in a middle-class American family, playing sports, and enjoying the arts to discovering our disconnected way of living in a modern culture be unfulfilling. 

From there, turning his life around to one of focused connection and healing. The best part? He is teaching others along the way how to do the same using his gift of music to do so. This episode is bound to take you from wondering and observing to feeling full of hope, full of happiness and totally encouraged and 100% empowered to take your happiness into your own hands.


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Why we need to connect with people 
  • What your purpose is and isn’t 
  • Joshua’s journey to healing 
  • The benefits of healing through nature 
  • The benefits of healing through music 
  • How traveling can help you gain perspectives 
  • What grounding daily practice looks like 
  • The lies society tells you about expectations 
  • The importance of having self-awareness 
  • And much more!





Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 A look into today’s episode  
  • 0:02 What to expect from today’s episode 
  • 1:42 Thank you to today’s sponsors 
  • 3:28 Why this conversation matters so much 
  • 4:24 Get to know Joshua Sam Miller
  • 11:27 Connecting with nature to find healing 
  • 16:55 Why you need to do something you love 
  • 21:22 Joshua’s time living abroad 
  • 31:48 One meditation app you can download today  
  • 35:06 Discover the wonders of the ocean and life underwater 
  • 39:20 Don’t be so hard on yourself…or others. 
  • 47:08 How to help heal society 


More About The Guest: 

Joshua Sam Miller is a world recording artist, composer, and producer on a mission to connect people to the natural world through sound. Recently, he has advocated for the importance of ocean conservation through Sounds of the Ocean, which blends the arts and sciences to connect with marine life through sound. He is also the creator of Embodied Sounds, a mindful music label, podcast, and recording studio focusing on using sound as a healing, therapeutic modality. For over 10 years, Joshua worked in documentary film production in New York City as a cinematographer and editor of short and feature-length films. After following his intuition to leave home behind, he embarked on a global journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery to realize that music was his deeper passion. Inspired by the lineages of Nada Yoga, Afro-Cuban rhythm, Indian Raga, Jewish & Sufi mysticism, and Jazz, Joshua committed himself to music as his primary mode of expression in late 2018.

Following the discovery of surfing, and a growing awareness of the fragility of life underwater, Joshua felt inspired to devote his artistry to ocean conservation while living in Northern California and Sounds of the Ocean was born. In 2020, the project was accepted as part of the International Year of Sound, was featured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association in Santa Cruz, CA, and debuted at Burning Man 2019. In 2021, he presented his work at the United Nations Climate Conference COP 26 and was featured on PBS Television, Agape Zoe Festival, World Oceans Day, and as an artist in residence at MONOM Sound Berlin. Joshua has offered over 100 workshops in sound as a therapeutic modality at iconic venues such as UCLA Arts & Healing Festival, San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, and Wisdom, LA. He facilitates wellness sessions for corporations both in-person and virtually via Zoom. He also hosts The Embodied Sounds Podcast, interviewing experts in the field of sound and wellness to discover how to improve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Joshua is driven by the passion to raise environmental awareness by curating immersive sound and visual experiences in support of ocean conservation work around the world.