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Warriors Unmasked

May 24, 2022

There are some heroes that protect people physically and save their life. There are other heroes that protect people mentally and save their life. However, there are some heroes that are so great, they protect people both physically and mentally. Today’s guest is one of those select few! 

Welcome to episode 73 of Warriors Unmasked! Today we sit down with veteran, guitar player, and mental health advocate,  Chief Master Sergeant Dean L. Unger. Chief Unger was raised in Shawano, Wisconsin, where he graduated from high school in 1991. After being raised in an unsafe environment, from a broken home to a blended family, he knew that after graduating he had a chance to escape. This need to escape was the driving force behind why he enlisted in the Air Force. Hit play to hear how this decision led him to a life of service and honor to many! 

You’ll also hear what 30 years of service and over 15+ deployments taught Dean about life and managing your mental health. The action he has seen on the battlefield is nothing short of incredible. His heroism in the Air Force even resulted in him becoming a recipient of a Purple Heart, which is one of the most prestigious honors someone in the armed forces could have. 

However, what is truly remarkable about Chief Master Sergeant Dean L. Unger, is his true love for people. After the rollercoaster of military life, he has now focused his attention on helping other military men, women, and families find the courage and strength to speak up and say, “I am not okay.” This type of leadership and giving others permission to speak up is what this show is all about! 

We hope that you love this episode as much as we did. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to give a special thank you to  Sergeant Dean and to all of our veterans listening today. Your story, your journey, and your struggles were not for nothing…you’ve given us our freedoms and so much more. 

If you’re struggling with PTSD, TBI, Anxiety, or anything in between, we want to be there for you. Reach out to us and find more resources that could help you on your journey below! 

More Of What’s Inside:

  • First-hand accounts of the Iraq War
  • Growing up in a rocky house
  • The feeling of needing to escape
  • What it was like in combat
  • The day that changed Dean’s life forever
  • Life with a traumatic brain injury
  • How Dean is using his past to help people
  • The best advice anyone could hear today
  • Practical examples of staying committed
  • What it’s like working with Navy Seals
  • And much more!





Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What to expect today
  • 1:39 Thank you to today’s sponsor
  • 3:07 Get to know Sergeant Dean
  • 7:10 Why Sergeant Dean felt the need to protect himself growing up
  • 25:16 The fateful day in 2004 that changed everything
  • 30:43 Sergeant Dean’s time in a safe house
  • 37:05 The power of humor in healing
  • 40:21 Life after 15+ deployments
  • 44:22 When Sergeant Dean left the Air Force
  • 48:36 When Dean knew there was a serious problem
  • 55:08  How Dean’s past lead him to massive impact 
  • 1:05:18  How to connect more with Dean and final thoughts