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Warriors Unmasked

Dec 28, 2021

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Boy, do we have an incredible episode for you. When most people think of addiction they think of illegal substances. But what happens when you get hooked on legal medication that your therapist prescribed at eleven years old? 

Join us today as our guest Jay Shifman takes us through his harrowing journey of being diagnosed with ADHD at eleven years old, the path that led him to substance abuse, two attempts at suicide, and his inevitable hit at rock bottom. Jay’s remarkable journey doesn’t end there though, he has lived despite all odds and has now dedicated his life to helping others who struggle with mental illness and substance abuse. 

Jay started his company “Choose your struggle” with two important goals in mind. Ending stigma and promoting honest and fact-based education around the topics of Mental Health, Substance Misuse & Recovery, and Drug Use & Policy. Listen in as Jay talks about the moment his life changed forever, and how it all started with telling his story. You’ll learn the best way to support those who are struggling and other great tips when it comes to handling medication safely. His perseverance and courage will inspire you, whether you are struggling or know someone who is, that a full turnaround is possible.

This episode is sure to open your eyes to the world of prescription drugs and their part in addiction, but also to the hope that every one of us has a purpose and place in this life. For more resources and to connect with Jay, check out the links below! 


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Being diagnosed with ADHD as a preteen
  • The dangers of Adderall
  • The obstacles to understanding addiction
  • How the treatment of ADHD can be harmful
  • Getting a second opinion when it comes to your mental health
  • Understanding the medical definition of addiction
  • Being misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder
  • Signs that you’re on too many medications
  • How mental illness and addiction go hand in hand
  • The step-down method to detoxing
  • How telling his story changed Jay’s life
  • The start of “choose your struggle” 
  • How to reach people who are struggling
  • And much more!







Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - The amazing story you’ll hear today!
  • 1:42 - Introducing Jay Shifman
  • 5:58 - The treatment of ADHD and its ties to addiction
  • 10:13 - The issue of Adderall on campuses
  • 13:53 - A perfect storm of adolescence and medication
  • 19:28 - The importance of diligence with medication
  • 24:09 - Taking six medications by the age of 22
  • 27:41 - Living out of his car and attending music festivals
  • 33:31 - The moment Jay hit rock bottom
  • 40:29 - Choosing life and slowly detoxing
  • 45:40 - Getting sober and starting a new life