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Warriors Unmasked

Jun 1, 2021

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Have you ever had a day where you just don’t feel OK? You push through and plaster a fake smile on, if this is you lately then we encourage you to listen to this episode because we are firm in the belief that it is okay, to not be okay. 

Our guest today is the definition of courage, perseverance, and battling mental illness. Thea Daniels is a leadership coach, recovering alcoholic, mother of two, and a self-employed “hair-apist.” You’ll hear how Thea works with the belief that happiness and fulfillment fuel how we live, and that recovery is more than just dealing with it and dying. 

Listen in as she tells her story beginning at the age of 12 with alcohol and self-harm, and how by 20 years old she was enlisted and working through alcoholics anonymous. Thea talks about the dangers of self-medicating as well as being aware of where you are in your journey and how she took the steps to start her own recovery. You’ll learn some practical tips like changing your perspective, remembering to slow down, and even her P.A.C.T. process that can help you stop and reevaluate. 

This episode is full of understanding what ignites YOU and how you can achieve your dreams by asking powerful questions, really listening to your own answers and allowing yourself to make proactive instead of reactive decisions. Thea talks about taking the complexity out of your journey and finding the answers within yourself to live simply and get through the times when you are not OK. 

We hope this episode encourages you, and that you know that you are not alone and you are worth it. To connect with Thea or follow her on social media check out the links below!


Always In Your Corner, 

Chuck and Clint

More of What We Talk About:

  • Why alcoholism was prevalent in Thea’s life
  • Dealing with the issue of self-medicating
  • Identifying the issues that cause self-harm
  • Allowing yourself to feel anger 
  • Unlearning the unhelpful thought processes that stop us
  • The moment when Thea knew that she needed to change
  • Filling the hole with things that grow you
  • Understanding the journey of recovery 
  • Finding a new outlook on life 
  • Taking a huge dream one step at a time
  • Tips to help you reach your next goal
  • And much more!






Episode Minute By Minute:


  • 0:02 Welcome Thea!
  • 1:21 American Hat Company Ad
  • 2:05 Get to know Thea
  • 7:45 How Thea started self-medicating
  • 12:02 Why Thea started to self-harm
  • 18:20 When Thea decided to get sober
  • 27:44 The steps Thea took to get where she is today
  • 34:26 When Thea lost her Mother to cancer
  • 36:48 The importance of loving your life
  • 40:59 Keep it simply 
  • 43:49 How to connect with Thea
  • 42:20 Life happens
  • 47:03 Thea advice and inspiration