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Warriors Unmasked

May 10, 2022

Disclaimer: In today’s content our guest shares his story that includes multiple accounts of sexual abuse, growing up with a Father that has an abusive side, and more. If any of these topics can be triggering for you, we give you permission to skip this episode for now and come back when you are ready. We have over 70+ incredible stories to hear on our previous episodes you may enjoy instead!

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! Today Clint is out saving the world so it’s just Chuck here to introduce you to our incredible guest Patrick Portman. As a consultant, Patrick is passionate about helping businesses, schools, and organizations to understand addiction, child sex abuse, infertility, the deaf culture, and relational intimacy. Patrick and his wife, Misty, are co-hosts of the tv show Tackling Life as well as the podcast by the same name. He received his bachelor's in Psychology from Liberty University and master in Neuropsychology from Harvard University. Patrick has published multiple books and more!

As you may have read in the disclaimer, Patrick has experienced more than enough trauma in his life. Listen in as Patrick shares his journey from being the oldest boy of seven children, growing up beside a sex offender, having a Father that suffered from mental health issues, to being sexually molested as an adult.

Even though each of those seasons was a dark time for Patrick, he decided to turn his story around by asking for help and started to take the steps to find healing. This one decision changed Patrick's life from the inside out and now he is overcoming his traumatic wounds, and living a life full of purpose, full of love, and full of service to others. This type of transformation is nothing short of inspiring! Hit play to dive into our conversation now. 

If you have been listening for a while, you know that we will do everything we can to equip you with the tools and recourses you need to win any mental health battle that comes your way. 

That’s why we want to encourage you to listen to the end of the show to hear about Patrick’s new non-profit and how he is providing training, resources, and diagnostic services to help along anyone's journey.

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More Of What’s Inside:

  • The difference between adult and childhood trauma 
  • The danger of suppressing emotions
  • How everything happens for a reason
  • You are not alone! Others feel the same.
  • Why Patrick is passionate about helping others
  • A look into “Tackling Life” Patrick's weekly TV show
  • Doing what it takes to heal 
  • Trying to be normal when nothing is normal
  • And much more!




Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What’s inside today’s episode
  • 1:37 Thank you to today’s sponsors  
  • 2:32 Get to know Patrick Portman
  • 5:00 Growing up in an unsafe environment
  • 9:50 The results of trying to earn love
  • 14:40 When things started to change for the better
  • 18:00 The events that allowed Patrick to heal
  • 29:36 How Patrick and his wife fell in love
  • 33:52 A look into Patrick's TV show
  • 37:20 Free resources for your mental health journey
  • 47:40 Patrick's advice for everyone listening