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Warriors Unmasked

Apr 19, 2022

Welcome back to another episode of Warriors Unmasked! If we had to sum up today’s conversation in just one word…we would have to choose the word “wow.”

From non-verbal to radio announcer. From social outcast to leader of change. From debilitating OCD, Autism, and Anxiety to mental health warrior. These are just a few examples of how our guest today has transformed his life one day at a time. This story will take you from feeling heartbreak and sadness to feeling encouraged, heart warmed, and empowered. Hit play to join the conversation with Blake Priddle!

In this episode, Blake shares how being diagnosed with autism at age six, followed by an OCD diagnosis only a few years later at age eleven led to a less than ideal high school experience. After being bullied and picked on for years, compounded by the inescapable reality that he really was different than everyone else left him feeling alone and contemplated taking his own life.

Hear how Blake overcame the darkness and found not only his voice but what he calls his “rightful place in society.” This story is so impactful to anyone who may be battling their own challenges in life. Whether it be autism, anxiety, OCD, depression, or anything in between, Blake is living proof that we all have the ability to break stereotypes and redefine what success looks like for those living with an “invisible” illness.

You’ll also hear a sneak peek into Blake’s newest book, “Good Morning, Blake....Growing Up Autistic And Being Okay”, how growing up with autism made Blake a better friend, practical tips for managing your day with an OCD/anxious mind, why adults need to take a stand for the next generations mental health and more.

We hope this episode serves as a beacon of light for those who may be struggling. As always, if you found this Podcast and you feel like you have no one to talk to and nowhere to turn…this isn’t an accident. Reach out to us if you need a safe place to talk! Links below to learn more.

Always in your corner, 

Chuck and Clint

More Of What’s Inside:

  • Panic attack vs. temper tantrums
  • Things that can set off an autistic child
  • How autism and OCD can be related
  • Being the parent of an autistic kid
  • Blake’s passion for writing 
  • How Blake fell in love with radio
  • Tips for teachers on how to stop bullies
  • How to find your happiness
  • And much more!

Connect With Blake:

Connect with Clint and Chuck:


Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 What you can expect from today’s conversation
  • 3:05 The beginning of Blake’s journey to identity
  • 6:52 How Blake managed his OCD during the pandemic
  • 9:12 The positive side of growing up autistic
  • 15:08 What led Blake to his radio career
  • 19:18 When things started to change for the better
  • 23:33 The feeling of being different
  • 26:57 A sneak peek into Blake’s new book
  • 33:48 How Blake's teachers helped him feel included
  • 36:02 What a good day of managing ODC, Autism, and Anxiety looks like
  • 40:09 How to get a copy of Blake’s book