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Warriors Unmasked

Jan 25, 2022

There are some things we don’t question when it comes to our health. Like going to the emergency room with a broken bone or getting an annual check-up to make sure we’re still in good health. What if we did the same for our mental health? 

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked! Chuck here, this week while Clint is out changing the world, I sit down with National Guard Veteran, author, podcaster, and mental health advocate Scott DeLuzio. Listen in as Scott tells his journey of following in his brother’s footsteps and serving in Afghanistan, losing his brother in a firefight, and how he leaned on God for the peace to keep moving forward. 

We talk about the struggle soldiers face when losing someone on the battlefield, how this affected Scott after he returned home, and the moment he realized he couldn’t do this on his own. Join us as Scott talks about how he began to process the loss of his brother, finding the right help for him, and his routine check-ups to make sure his future is one of growth and healing. 

This episode is full of heartbreak and comfort, struggles and victory, but most of all hope that you have what it takes. Not to just heal, but to discover the new you who has overcome all that’s stood in your way. For more resources or to connect with Scott, check out the links below!

Always in your corner, 

Chuck Thuss


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Thank you to our veterans
  • The real-life superheroes of our day
  • Losing his brother in Afghanistan
  • Struggling with grief and PTSD 
  • Learning to accept the situation
  • Trusting that God’s plan is good
  • Doing the necessary hard things
  • Breaking the pattern of self-medicating
  • Routine mental health checks
  • Pursuing the ‘new’ you
  • Finding all the options for therapy
  • And much more!







Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - What we cover today!
  • 2:26 - Welcome Scott DeLuzio
  • 4:07 - How Scott got into the Military
  • 9:17 - The day Scott’s life changed forever
  • 15:58 - Dealing with grief on the battlefield
  • 20:42 - A moment of calm clarity 
  • 24:19 - Finding peace in God 
  • 28:19 - Struggling at home after deployment
  • 31:50 - When it’s time to find help
  • 37:05 - The importance of mental care
  • 42:28 - Telling the stories of heroes
  • 46:18 - Where to find Scott’s book and podcast
  • 52:57 - Scott’s message for you
  • 54:13 - Closing thoughts