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Warriors Unmasked

Jan 11, 2022

Hey, Chuck here, while Clint is out with other speaking engagements I’ll be taking over the helm this week! Over the past two years, we think it’s safe to say that we have all experienced the feeling of loss in one way or another…

Loss of sleep, loss of normal routines, loss of in-person connection and community, and unfortunately, many of us have lost loved ones. If you can relate or if you’ve ever experienced loss, then you might be interested in today’s guest. I sit down with Nicki Pike who has shown incredible courage, perseverance, and strength through some major losses in life. 

Nicki’s journey is one of growth and loss, loss and growth to the point sometimes it feels like she is stuck on repeat. Listen in as Nicki talks about her close walk with loss and grief, filing for divorce, the diagnosis and eventual loss of her mother to dementia, and the unexpected and hard loss of her brother not long after. Life has knocked her down more than once these last few years but these challenges, these struggles, led to her finding her way to the person she is today. 

Join us as she talks about navigating the different types of grief and how she realized self-care was more than just massages and spa days. We talk about the selfless act of putting yourself first because if she’s not taking care of herself, there is no way she's taking care of her mother,

there's no way she's raising her daughter, and there is certainly no way that she is still running her business. You’ll learn practical tips for processing grief and Nicki’s own encouragement that no matter how hard it seems, you can get through this. 

My hope is that this episode encourages you to keep putting one foot in front of the other so that you can find healing and peace in your life. For more resources, or to get in touch with us, check out the links below! 

Always in your corner, 

Chuck Thuss


More Of What’s Inside:

  • Dealing with the loss of divorce
  • Losing her mother to dementia
  • Learning to accept help 
  • When you should take a step back
  • Surrendering to the space of growth
  • The freedom of releasing your emotions
  • Grieving the loss of her brother
  • Finding gratitude in grief
  • Creating habits that start your day off right
  • Seeing the hope at the end of the day
  • And much more!





Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 0:02 - What we cover today! 
  • 2:13 - Welcome Nicki Pike
  • 3:57 - Nicki’s journey through loss
  • 8:14 - The progression of dementia
  • 13:19 - Taking care of yourself during hard times
  • 18:07 - The moments that grow us the most
  • 23:04 - Listening to what your body and mind need 
  • 26:30 - When Nicki’s brother passed
  • 29:13 - Grieving differently for different people
  • 32:29 - The two choices that helped Nicki move forward
  • 37:05 - Learning to accept all of you
  • 40:54 - The practices Nicki won’t do without
  • 44:02 - Nicki’s advice for the holidays and loss
  • 47:13 - Nicki’s encouragement for you
  • 48:37 - Closing thoughts