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Warriors Unmasked

Apr 20, 2021

Welcome back to Warriors Unmasked, Chuck Here! If you’re new here, one of our taglines is “It’s not just a goalie thing.” This tagline is near and dear to myself and my co-host Clint Malarchuk’s heart because we truly believe that mental health is something that everyone should be aware of. Today’s guest is an NHL star but what makes him a true warrior is what he did off the ice. 

Scott Kelsey grew up in Clark Mills, NY where he found a love for hockey from there he graduated college playing professionally for almost 10 years before stepping into the mortgage business. In 2018 Scott suffered a traumatic injury after falling down the stairs in his home, since then Scott has been an advocate for mental health, with a focus on self-discovery and continual learning while leveraging experiences both good and bad to help others out their live more meaningful and happy lives. 

We have an open conversation with Scott about his time in the NHL and being diagnosed with anxiety and depression and how that affected his later years. You’ll hear how Scott handled the aftermath of his injury and how he realized the importance of choosing every day to take new steps towards growth and healing. Learn how Scott changed the mindsets that had him growing from victim to victory, and how he manages to stay on top of his mental health every single day! 

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Always In Your Corner, 


More of What We Talk About:

  • How Scott got started in hockey 
  • The advice Scott would give his younger self
  • Paying attention to those who are growing faster than you
  • The incident that changed his life 
  • Leaving a legacy through a book 
  • The importance of gratitude in every part of your life
  • Slowing life down to appreciate what it offers
  • Acknowledging that mental and physical health go hand in hand
  • Why you need to find someone to talk to 
  • Tips Scott uses every day to keep a healthy mind
  • Changing perspective with wins and losses
  • And much more!








Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 1:58 Meet Scott Kelsey
  • 2:56 What childhood was like for Scott
  • 5:58 Scott’s college years at home
  • 7:16 Scott’s journey to league hockey
  • 8:05 How one ‘no’ changes everything
  • 11:22 Scott’s memories in professional hockey
  • 15:35 The fateful day that changed everything for Scott
  • 19:52 The hard road to recovery
  • 27:26 What life after a traumatic brain injury is like
  • 29:24 Learning how to enjoy the simple things
  • 34:39 Dealing with depression and anxiety 
  • 41:14 The importance of finding someone you trust to talk to 
  • 42:21 What Scott’s life life is like today
  • 49:55 Closing thoughts and where to find Scott