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Warriors Unmasked

Dec 12, 2023

In today’s episode of Warriors Unmasked, we dive into the compelling and transformative journey of Angie Read. Angie, a resilient stroke survivor, certified life coach, author, and mental health advocate, shares her story with an openness that is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. Her experience, starting with a life-altering stroke at 46, leading to intense physical and mental health battles, unfolds a narrative of immense courage and perseverance.

Angie’s ordeal began with a stroke that left her left side paralyzed, a challenge compounded by emergency brain surgery and a strenuous recovery process. Her return to work, a decision made in haste, plunged her into the depths of anxiety and depression, leading her to contemplate suicide. Angie's candid discussion about her mental health struggles is a powerful reminder of the psychological impacts of physical illness and the necessity of addressing them with the same urgency as physical recovery.

However, Angie's story is not just about struggle; it is one of hope and transformation. Through therapy, medication, and the unwavering support of her loved ones, Angie emerged from her darkest moments with renewed purpose. Her commitment to helping others is evident in her work as a life coach and her insightful books, "Mental Health Hacks" and "Invisible Scars." Angie's passion shines through in Legacy Coaching for Her, her initiative dedicated to aiding female stroke survivors in their journey to rediscover confidence and purpose.

Angie's message is powerful and clear: recognizing our inherent value is crucial, especially during our lowest points. Her story is a clear picture of resilience, emphasizing the importance of mental health care in recovery and the potential to turn personal trials into a source of strength and inspiration for others.

Angie's journey, detailed in this episode of Warriors Unmasked, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Her experiences and insights offer hope and guidance to anyone facing similar challenges. If Angie’s story resonates with you, or if you know someone who could find strength in her words, hit play and listen to the full episode.





Episode Minute By Minute:

  • 00:00 Introduction + Messages From Our Sponsors 

  • 05:02 Angie's Inspiring Journey and Stroke Experience

  • 09:33 The Aftermath of the Stroke and Rehabilitation

  • 17:52 Returning to Work and Mental Health Struggles

  • 21:30 Facing Suicidal Thoughts and Seeking Help

  • 28:52 Recovery and Advocacy for Mental Health in Stroke Survivors

  • 32:18 Breaking the Stigma Around Mental Health

  • 33:22 The Second Stroke and a New Neurologist

  • 35:12 Taking Control of Your Own Medical Health

  • 35:29 Struggles with Medication and Side Effects

  • 37:39 The Importance of Action in Mental Health Advocacy

  • 39:00 The Stigma of Mental Health Hospitalization

  • 39:20 The Strength in Seeking Help

  • 40:32 The Fear of Judgment in Mental Health Struggles

  • 41:08 The Impact of Career on Identity

  • 41:45 Daily Routines for Mental Health

  • 49:10 The Importance of Routine and Mindset

  • 49:51 Launching a New Career as a Life Coach

  • 56:22 The Value of Personal Experiences in Helping Others

  • 59:11 Final Thoughts and Encouragement