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Warriors Unmasked

Mar 14, 2023

Welcome to episode 100 of Warriors Unmasked! We have loved every second we have been able to spend on the microphone serving you, the listener. We couldn't kick off this episode without a proper thank YOU!

For our big episode, we have a special guest, the amazing Ms. Deborah Driggs. She's a published author, actress, model, life coach, and mental health advocate, who has overcome many challenges throughout her life.

Today, Deborah shares her story with us, from growing up in a broken family to experiencing financial insecurity and rehab, to finding healing and empowerment Deborah's journey has been a rollercoaster ride, but she never let the challenges defeat her. She pursued her interests and passions, from cheerleading for the US Football League to modeling for Playboy.

Her hard work and dedication led to numerous opportunities in the entertainment industry, including appearances in rock videos and hosting for the Playboy Channel's Hot Rocks show. But life wasn't always glamorous for Deborah. She faced personal struggles, including a divorce and financial insecurity

 She hit rock bottom and sought help through rehab. Her healing journey began, and she emerged stronger and more determined than ever before.Deborah's story is one of resilience, hope, and empowerment. She inspires others to break through negative self-talk and take on any challenge.

Her motto is, "If there is a struggle, then there is a problem, and in that problem there is a beautiful, simple solution for complicated souls!" This episode is packed with emotion and insight. Deborah's journey will take you from feeling sadness, compassion, and empathy, to feeling hope, happiness, encouragement, and complete empowerment. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible episode of Warriors Unmasked. Thank you for listening!





Episode Minute By Minute:

0:02 What it’s inside to today’s episode

1:26 Thank you to today’s sponsors 

3:23 This is our milestone 100th episode!

4:29 A life lesson from Deborah

7:52 How Deborah came to a place of healing and riding the waves

11:20 Losing the codependency of fame

15:00 What it was like for Deborah growing up in the entertainment world

19:03 The problem with substances and not being in your right mind

26:07 Some tools to stay sober and keep your balance in life

31:38 Did Deborah have an aha moment? Or were there several? How about God Shots?

37:00 What life on a healing journey looks like today and Deborah’s upcoming book

42:04 Here’s how to connect with Deborah, find access to coaching and her book

46:30 Deborah’s words to someone contemplating a permanent decision to a temporary situation